Perceived Causes of Youth Restiveness by Security Personnel in Ilorin Metropolis


Youth restiveness has been a pandemic plaguing countries across the globe in recent times. The rising wave of restiveness culminating in insecurity and terrorism is quite alarming, with the most vulnerable group being the youths and other teeming youngsters in societies world over. This study therefore investigated perceived causes of youth restiveness by security personnel in Ilorin metropolis, Kwara State, Nigeria. The design adopted for this study was the descriptive method. Three null hypotheses were formulated and tested in this study. A questionnaire tagged “Restiveness among Youth Questionnaire (RAYQ) was administered on two hundred and forty (240) security personnel, cutting across military and para-military agencies in Kwara State, Nigeria. The study raised and answered a fundamental question on perceived causes of youth restiveness. The formulated hypotheses were tested at 0.05 level of significance, while analysis of variance (ANOVA) was the statistical method used for data analysis. The results showed the causes of youth restiveness us poor childhood upbringing, bad societal mentoring, bad governance, poverty, inadequate educational opportunities, among others. It further revealed that there was no significant difference in the perception of security personnel on the causes of youth restiveness in Ilorin metropolis based on the type of agency and years of experience. The researchers recommended effective counselling intervention strategies for handling youth restiveness in order to bring sanity into the society as a whole.



Causes, Youth Restiveness, Perception, Security Personnel