Dynamical control model of the cascaded Kainji-Jebba hydropower operating head

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Published by Faculty of Engineering, Federal University Oye-Ekiti, Ekiti state, Nigeria


Operation and design of control system for the cascaded Kainji-Jebba hydropower system poses a great challenge to researchers and engineers. The difficulties arose from the fact that the system is affected by several nonlinear interacting factors such as variations in inflows, stochastic factors that are weather related, availability of the turbo-alternators, and numerous other constraints that are influenced by the system dynamics. All these makes the mathematical representation of the system difficult. This paper presents the development of a dynamical model for the operation and optimal control of the operating heads of the cascaded system. The mathematical models were developed from energy conversion equation and Bernoulli’s equation. The model was calibrated and tuned using measured data. Upon validation by comparing the response of the model with measured head, a deviation within ±2% was observed, making it a good prediction of the system response and appropriate for control system design.



Control model, Discharge, inflows, Operating head, Turbo-alternators