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Clarion University of Pennsylvania, Clarion, Pennsylvania


Colonialism and pervasive dominance of effects of globalization have robbed Africa of her rich and well cherished traditions. The values, norms and traditions with which traditional societies planned and administered their domains in a peaceful manner have been eroded. While the virtues embedded in these values have fast disappeared, the resultant vices hunt and destroy the modern day socio- economic fabrics and threaten our general existence. This paper therefore explores the traditional practices, norms and values, lessons therein and challenges they face in the contemporary time. The study employed Key Informant Interviews (KII) as method of data collection. Old people who are (embodiments of traditional values and norms) in some selected indigenous rural areas in Oyo state were interviewed. What informed this sample is the traditional knowledge base of the issues being investigated. Content analysis was thereafter used to present the results. Findings showed that plethora of indigenous practices were used in the past to administer economic, socio- cultural, political and environmental issues and had yielded good results. It also revealed that most of these norms and traditional values had been very efficiently used to promote good planning and discourage maladministration. Conversely, the study found out that most of these values, norms and practices were eroded as a result of contact with Colonialism, western civilization and inferiority complex on the part of African people. The paper therefore recommends the revival of traditional norms and values, incorporating same into school curricular. Also, government at all levels should promote the use of indigenous languages since most of these values and norms are housed in the languages.



Sustainable Development, Society, Indigenous Knowledge, Traditional Values and Indigenous Languages.