Assessment of trainee teachers literacy level in Information and Communication Technology in Kwara State Colleges of Education

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Collaboration of Education Faculties in West Africa (CEFWA)


ASSESSMENT OF TRAINEE TFACHERS PITFRACY LEVEE IN INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOL OGY IN KWARASTATE COLEEGES OF EDUCATION, NIGERIA By DARAMOLA, F. O. & OLUMORIN, C. O Department of Educational Technology, Faculty of Education. University of Ilorin. Nigeria orencedaramola’@ bodeolumorin@ mail com Abstract This paper reports an investigation on the literacy level of traince teachers in information and Communication Technology. The population for the study comprised every student three Colleges of Education located Lorin, L atiayt of Oro towns. The random sampling technique was used to select a of sample 360 students across the Schools of Art, School of Natural Sciences in the three colleges The sampled students were further stratified on the basis of fields of study and gender A researcher designed instrument (test) tagged Test of ICT Knowledge (TIK) was used for data collection. The test has 100 items. The data collected were analvsed using percentages and chi-square statistics. Findings revealed that level of ICT literacy was lowest among trainee teachers offering arts oriented courses than among students of other fields. Considering gender as a variable, the hy potheses tested revealed that the differences in the levels of ICT literacy found among male and female trainee teachers were significant. However, such differences were not found to be significant on the basis of the trainee teachers’ course ficld ot study Based on these findings, recommendations were made, particularly for the area of improving provision and utilization of ICT facilities in Nigerian teacher education programmes. Keywords: Literacy, Level, Trainee Teachers, ICT,



Literacy, Level, Training, ICT and Teachers