Knowledge and utilization of Family Planning Services among women in Edu Local Government Area, Lafiagi, Nigeria.


This study determined knowledge, sources of information about and accessibility of Family Planning (FP) services among women in Edu Local Government of Kwara State using a descriptive research design. Three research questions were answered and a hypothesis was tested in this study. A researchers-designed questionnaire was used as instrument for data collection from 480 women and a split-half test of reliability was used to determine the reliability of the instrument. Three hundred and sixty women were purposively sampled for the study. The result was analyzed using frequency count and percentages, while, Chi-square was used to test null hypothesis at Alpha level of 0.05. The research findings showed that women of childbearing age sources of information about FP services was mainly by health workers (62.5%) while women knowledge about FP was below average (43.3%) and women showed poor willingness to utilize FP services in Edu Local Government Area. This study concluded that knowledge has no significant influence on utilization of family planning services by women of childbearing age in Edu LGA, Kwara State. The study however, recommended that all levels of Governments health workers and Non-governmental Organizations should strengthen health education intervention programmes on the significant of FP services utilization in the existing primary health care centres in Edu LGA. Keywords: Family Planning Services, Women of Childbearing Age, Knowledge, accessibility and Utilization.



Research Subject Categories::MEDICINE