Level of Involvement of Adult Learners in Lifelong Education as a Catalyst for Sustainable Community Development in Kwara State, Nigeria.

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Department of Adult and Primary Education, Faculty of Education, University of Ilorin, Nigeria.


This paper examined the level of involvement of adult learners as a catalyst for sustainable community development. The objectives were to establish the relationship of adult learners' gender, distance, level of income and qualifications to their level of involvement in lifelong education for sustainable community development in Kwara State. The study used the descriptive survey research design. The population of the study comprised all adult learners in Kwara State while a sample of two hundred and forty (240) was purposively selected for the study. Data were collected with the use of validated instrument tagged Adult Learners' involvement in lifelong education (ALILE). The content validity of the instrument was established using expert judgment and the test re-test reliability index of the instrument was 0.68. Data obtained were analyzed using t- test and ANOVA statistical analyses to test the four research hypotheses raised. Results of the analysis indicated that there was no significant relationship between adult learner significant relationship was found between adult learners' qualification and their level of involvement in gender distance, level of income and their level of involvement in lifelong education. However, a lifelong education. The study underscored the import century for the strengthening of open distance education programmes in the area of pre-retirement retrenchment and retirement education programmes among others.



Adult learners, Lifelong Education, Sustainable Community Development