Human Activities and challemges of Sustainable Community Development in Nigeria

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Community Development Assoication of Nigeria


In the process of community development, different activities of man have effects on the community. The activities include: bush burning, deforestation, destroying of young plants and animals and many more. Some of the strategies to ameliorate human’s activities negative effect on community development include community education and change-agent approaches to improve human’s activities on community development. It is therefore, recommended that community education should be used to ensure increased environmental awareness, nature conservation and also, efforts should be made to create awareness and sensitize community members about community development programmes through the use of adult education tools such as community mobilization and the mass media. Finally, there is need for joint efforts by all stakeholders to preserve the national resources and protect the environment better for both now and future for sustainable community development in Nigeria.



Sustainable Community Development,, Human’s Activities,, Mobilization Strategies,, Challenges, Community Education


Olawuni A.O. (2015): Human Activities and challenges of Sustainable Community Development in Nigeria.