Family Factors and Adolescents' Substance Abuse

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Department of Sociolgoy


There has been a plethora of studies on the relationship between family factors and adolescents' substance abuse. However, few studies have been done on the impact of religious training in home and parental substance abuse on adolescents' substance abuse in Nigeria. Therefore, the objective of this study was to fill this fundamental gap. The study was an explorative type while a survey method was applied. The sample of the study comprised four hundred and twenty-six respondents (n=426) from twelve selected secondary schools in florin, Kwara State. The respondents were selected, using snowballing sampling technique. Questionnaire technique Was used to collect quantitative. data; while In-depth interview was adopted to collect qualitative information. Two hypotheses were formulated for the study, and they were tested using Chi-Square at 0.05 level of significance. Content analysis was employed to analyse qualitative information obtained from In-depth. interview. The results of analysis showed religious training in homes as a protective factor; while parental substance abuse as a risk factor of adolescents ' substance abuse. Based m these findings, it was recommended that parents should inculcate religious values and ethics into their wards.



abuse, adolescents, alcohol, drug, substance