Assessment of Health and Safety Information on Construction Sites in Nigeria


This study identified and assessed health and safety information used on construction sites in Lagos State, Nigeria, with a view to enhancing effective communication among the site-operatives. Data for the study were collected from the site-supervisors and operatives working on construction sites in the study area. The sites of construction firms registered with Lagos State Public Procurement Agency under categories D and E were visited. Pilot survey revealed that there were 55 active construction firms that had on-going projects. The study therefore, adopted purposive sampling technique to identify these 55 active firms. On each site visited, a supervisor and 3 site-operatives were randomly selected from bricklayers, carpenters, iron benders, electricians, and plumbers working on the identified sites, depending on the stage of the work. This resulted into sample of 220. This consists of 55 supervisors and 165 site-operatives. The use of questionnaire was adopted for data collection. The total number of copies of questionnaire retrieved was 161 representing 73.1% response rate consisting of 22% from the supervisors and 78% from the site operatives. Information on health and safety used on construction sites were collected. Mean score (MS), standard deviation (SD) and analysis of variance technique were the analytical tools used. The results revealed that the most used health and safety information were first aid procedures with MS of 3.92, safety sign and symbols (MS 3.89), use of protective equipment (MS = 3.75) and procedures for safe operation (MS = 3.69). There is no significant difference between the ranking of these information from both supervisors and operatives. This implied that the respondents concurred in their independent opinion regarding the usage of health and safety information. The study concluded that safety of construction site-operatives depended on health and safety information made available by the contracting firms.



Construction Sites, Health and Safety, Information, Operatives, Supervisors