Assessment Of Mineralization Potential Of Areas Represented On Ilorin Sheet 223, Southwestern Nigeria From Aeromagnetic And Aeroradiometric Analyses


Geochemical and mineralogical studies of iron ores in Ardogu and its environments, in central Nigeria were done to characterize it for iron mineralization and resource potential. Thirty core ironstone samples were selected from ten drilled boreholes for geochemical and mineralogical analyses. Geochemical results of selected samples reveal higher concentrations of Fe2O3 with low contents of SiO2, Al2O3, P2O5, CaO and MnO. The geochemical based ternary plot classified the iron ores as ironstone. A petrographical investigation of 10 selected samples reveals the composition of oolites and pisolites with the presence of few quartz grains within the iron rich mineral grains. Qualitative and quantitative mineralogical study using x-ray diffraction shows mineral assemblages including; iron oxides, silicates and carbonates. Mineralogical compositions and textural characteristics of the ironstones suggest genesis related to syngenetic and diagenetic processes. The paleoenvironment during deposition of the Fe-rich sediments is suggested to be an anoxic, organic rich and reducing condition during early diagenesis but with the development of the oolitic and pisolitic textures, there were prevalent oxidizing and dehydrating conditions. The similarity between the chemical data of the studied ironstones with some published data within Bida Basin shows economically viable market values.



core samples, oolitic iron ore, geochemical, Ardogu, Bida Basin