Effects of Home Literacy Environment on Student's Performance in Selected Secondary Schools in Ilorin

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The Nasara Journal of Humanities, Faculty of Arts, Nasarawa State University, Keffi


English language is the official language in Nigeria therefore it is given prominent roles in the educational policy in Nigeria. It is observed that Nigerian students are not performing well in the English language as a school subject. Many factors have been considered to be the cause of the poor performance of students. Home environment is one of such factors that influence the academic performance of students. This study investigates the effect of home literacy environment and its variables on the performance of SSS3 students in English in selected Secondary Schools in Ilorin. Data were collected through the One Hundred and ten (110) Students’ Home Environment Questionnaire (SHEQ) and written tests which were administered in six Selected Secondary schools. Lev Vygotsky’s (1978) socio-cultural theory was adopted. This study found that home literacy environment with its variables (like parental involvement, home literacy facilities, societal influences) has great effect on students’ performance in English. It recommended that the parents and society should be sensitized to identify their influence on the performance of students’ in English and how they can influence the students positively to improve on the performance of the students in language learning.



Home Literacy Environment,, English Language, Secondary Education, Performance, Ilorin, Nigeria