Effects of packaging materials, pickling agents and spices on the microbial counts of pickled okra

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Nigerian Journal of Pure and Applied Science


Okra samples classified as variety 47-4 according to National Horticultural Research Institute (NIHORT), Ibadan, Nigeria were separately pickled in olive oil, groundnut oil and vinegar (5% acetic acid) spiced with ginger, garlic and mixture of ginger and garlic preserved in stainless steel, glass and plastic jars (12 jars each) for 7days at room temperature. For the purpose of comparison, the spices were controlled for using a parallel experiment with no spices added to the pickled okra. The storage environment temperature and relative humidity ranges from 260C to 290C and 66% to 78% respectively. Various microbial growth or count (bacteria and fungi) such as Total Viable Count, Coliform Count, Fecal Coliform Count and Fungal Count of each treatment combination (packaging materials, the pickling agents and spices) were observed at the end of the experiment and the result was evaluated using ANOVA at p ≤ 0.05. From the results of the research, vinegar in glass jars shows an absent of some microorganisms as well as the least microbial counts (1.0 × 105 cfu/ml) irrespective of the spice used. Mixture of spices in any pickling agents irrespective of the packaging materials shows great increase in microbial load beyond value gotten when individual spices were used. In general, highest microbial load were observed in okra pickled with olive oil, spiced with ginger and preserved in stainless steel jar while okra pickled in vinegar shows comparatively very low microbial count. Generally, the TVC ranges within 8.6 × 105 to 1.0 × 105 cfu/ml, CC range from 6.9 × 105 to 0.00 cfu/ml, FCC ranges from 3.7 × 105 to 0.00 cfu/ml while FC ranges from 3.2 × 103 to 1.0 × 103 cfu/ml.



pickling, microbial, coliform count, fungal count, microorganisms


Sunmonu, M.O., Ajala, E.O., Odewole, M.M., Adebiyi, J. & Osuolale, A.L. (2016): Effects of packaging materials, pickling agents and spices on the microbial counts of pickled okra. Nigerian Journal of Pure and Applied Science, 29; 2741 – 2756. Doi: http://Dx.Doi.Org/10.19240/Njpas.2016.A14. Published by Faculty of Physical Sciences and Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Ilorin, Nigeria