Automated Irrigation System (Water & Herbicide) Interfaced with GSM Monitoring System

Ufoaroh, S.U., Ogbu, K.N., Ayinla, S.L. & Obioma P.C. (2016)


In view of increased agricultural production targeted at national and global food security, it is necessary to increase the overall efficiency of irrigated agriculture through optimized automated systems. Uncertainty in climatic condition is of key concern to farmers all over the world, since the availability and cost of irrigation water is likely to be compounded by increased regulations and competition. Given the increasing competition of limited resources for farmland irrigation, it is necessary to initiate measures to adapt to these changing conditions. This work is aimed at automating a sprinkler irrigation system and also to optimize the use of water by providing information about storage water level and soil moisture condition using GSM technology. The method employed is to continuously monitor the soil moisture level to decide whether irrigation is needed, and how much water is needed in the soil. A pumping mechanism is used to deliver the needed amount of water to the soil and the water level is also monitored and sent to the farmer through a GSM device which would inform the farmer when to refill the water reservoir.