Yoruba Playwrights and Politics in Nigeria: An Examination of Selected Yoruba Written Plays

Ogunlola, 'Layo (2016)

Book chapter

Introduction: The large geographical expression that metamorphosed into an entity christened Nigeria by 1914 has indeed come of age. Since her birth in 1914, Nigeria, the most populated “Black” Country in the World, with two protectorates namely the Northern and Southern protectorates, amalgamated by Sir Frederick Lugard. Sixteen years earlier, Flora Shaw, later married to Lugard, first suggested that the several British Protectorates on the Niger be collectively known as Nigeria (Kirk-Greene, 1956). a land of diverse and multiple ethnic nationalities endowed with good climate, fertile soil for agricultural activities and rich mineral resources had Weathered and is still weathering different crises socially, politically, religiously and economically to survive as corporate entity.