Exploring the legislative framework of the Nigerian National Assembly.

Bakare, Adebola Rafiu ; Adebiyi, Oluwashina ; Mahmoud, Kafayat (2018)


There seems to be a wide semblance of legislative framework among democratic countries across the globe. This is largely as a result of the significance of the institution to democratic rule and the uniformity of roles. However, while the legislature shape the behaviours of individual legislators in advanced democracies, the Nigerian experience depict otherwise. This led to a situation of strong legislators and weak legislature. It is against this backdrop that this paper explored the legislative framework of the Nigerian National Assembly with the objective of identifying the factors responsible for the peculiar trajectory. The paper found these factors to include: impact of colonial experience, long years of military rule, corruption, incessant conflicts and ethnic rivalry, overriding influence of godfathers and money politics. It also identified a number of challenges fuelling this trajectory and concluded that there is hope of a democratic rebirth and renewed national legislature if there is a paradigm shift from the way politics is done in Nigeria. The paper recommended among others that there is need for the National Orientation Agency (NOA) and other relevant MDGs of government to embark on aggressive re-orientation of both politicians and the electorates especially to correct the misconception of the roles of the legislature.