Spin- crossover 3D architecture of Fe(II) bearing triazole ligand

Amolegbe, S, A. ; Adewuyi, S. ; Akinremi, A. C ; Oladoyinbo, F.A. ; Lawal, A. ; Sobola, A.O. ; Obaleye, J. A. ; Hayami, S. (2018-01-26)


A new assembled iron (II) complex with triazole derivative, [Fe(pbtrz)6](ClO4)2 : (pbtrz = 4, 4’ - (1, 4 - phenylene)bis - 1, 2, 4 - triazole) was synthesized and well characterized. The ligand showed 3D architectures bridging with iron (II) metal through the N-1 and N-2. The investigation of its magnetic properties has revealed a spin-crossover (SCO) between the low-spin (LS) and the high-spin (HS) states (T1/2 = 242 K) without a thermal hysteresis loop. The spin-crossover regime was also followed by Mössbauer spectroscopy. Furthermore, a photo-induced spin transition otherwise known as light-induced excited spin-state trapping (LIESST- effect) was observed when the complex was illuminated at 5 K.