Okafor, Ifeoma P ; Balogun, Abdulrasaq O ; Iyekolo, A. Olushola ; Abdullaziz., Isiaka (2016-11)


Human Rights education x-rays the rights of citizen especially the girl-child in the community, society and the world at large. It assists to develop the girl-child holistically in her social well being, respect for human rights and enhancing her right to education. It also centered on universal values, equal opportunities, respect for diversity and non-discrimination, equality, protection of human rights at all levels, developing solidarity, prevents conflict, sharing of knowledge, impacts skills and moulds attitudes in both formal and informal contexts. The paper therefore examined the goals, objectives, importance of human rights education for the girl child. This is based on the fact that knowledge and understanding of human rights education will be an essential tool not for only girl-child and the entire citizen to survive as an entity in all spheres of life and to have relative complete peace in our country Nigeria. The education of human right should be made compulsory for all and sundry in both formal and informal education as this will assist to develop the girl-child and the entire populace irrespective of gender, race, creed, ethnicity, status and ability which will curb conflict and mould the attitude of people towards one another generally.