Kinetics of oxidation of D-Arabinose and D-Xylose by Vanadium (V) in the presence of Manganese II as homogeneous catalyst

Odebunmi, E.O. ; Ogunlaja, A.S. ; Owalude, S. O. (2010-02-10)


Kinetics of oxidation of D-arabinose and D-Xylose by acidic solution of Vanadium (V) ions in the presence of manganese (II) has been reported. First-order dependence of the reaction rate was observed on [sugars] and [H+] at low concentrations throughout the oxidation reaction and a zeroth-order dependence on [sugar] and [H+] was observed at high concentrations. First-order kinetics with respect to [Mn (II)] was also observed throughout the oxidation for both sugars. The effect of Cl− concentration was found to be negligible. The reaction rates increases with the ionic strength of the medium. Various activation parameters were evaluated and provide further support to the proposed mechanism. Formic acid was reported as one of the oxidation products of the sugars.