Tilakasiri, S.L. ; Raheem, U.A. ; Rhoda Mojisola, Olanrewaju (2012)

Book chapter

The accelerated pace of development the world over is creating enormous challenges to the environment through eco-system degradation and natural resource depletion. These resources also play crucial roles in ensuring adequate food and water supply as well as other life supporting services to the ever increasing world population. This chapter examines the degenerating relationship between man and nature consequent upon technologies of development in different countries. It reviews the major environmental paradigms related to development with particular references to developing countries. Using the concepts of sustainable development, Global Environmental Change and Global Warming among others, the chapter canvasses for a deliberate effort by national governments in developing countries to redirect development strategies towards a sustainable path by taking appropriate cognizance of the damaging effects of development efforts. Thus, the chapter recommends controlled urbanization, planned industrialization and eco-friendlyagriculture as development options towards sustainable development.