Recycling of Polyurethane Foams: A Strategy in Waste Management and Control

Odetoye, , T.E. (2012)


Recycling of polymer materials such as polyurethane foam is one of the needed strategies to combat the menace of pollution in our environment. Pollution has been a consequence of ever-increasing massive quantity of wastes generated from household and industrial activities, posing a global challenge to man and the environment. Recycling can also be used to conserve natural resources and reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials therefore having an overall effect on reducing unecessary generation of waste from production processes. In Nigeria today, recycling of polyurethane post consumer product as a means of waste reduction in our society is still grossly underutilised. This paper examines the current trend in recycle as a means in waste management and focuses on various methods of recyling polyurethane foams considering their application(s) to the Nigerian situation.