Influence of Users’ Computer Self-Efficacy and Perceptions on Satisfaction with Electronic Libraries in Northern Nigerian Universities

Sadiku, Shuaibu A. ; Issa, Abdulwahab O. ; Salman, Abiodun Abdulsalam ; Omopupa, T. K. ; Rabiu, Nafisat (2017)


In recent times, advancement in technology has penetrated areas of library functions, especially, the establishment of an electronic library (e-library) system that has become commonplace in Nigeria. Studies have shown a low level of users‟ satisfaction with these resources. Thus, this study examined the influence of users‟ computer-self-efficacy and perception on users‟ satisfaction with e-libraries in Northern Nigerian universities. Descriptive survey research was adopted. A population of 7,028 users was considered out of which 1,406 was randomly sampled and used. A questionnaire was used to collect data. Hypotheses were tested with Spearman Rank-Order Correlation. Findings revealed that computer self-efficacy of users with e-libraries were high, even though their perceptions of e-libraries were low. There was a strong relationship between computer self-efficacy and satisfaction with e-library (r(951) = .164, p = .000), a positive correlation between perceptions and satisfaction with e-library (r(951) = .334, p = .000). It was therefore concluded that the satisfaction of users with e-libraries in the universities in Northern Nigeria would largely be influenced by their level of computer self-efficacy and perception. The study recommended the acquisition of relevant skills by the user for satisfactory utilization of the e-libraries. In particular, users should be assisted in identifying high-quality e-library resources.