The Ideal State in Jesus' Ministry and Contemporary Nigeria

Nwosu, Patrick Uchenna (2012)


The issues that led to the execution of Jesus of Nazareth revolved around political, social, economic and religious ideals. He wanted his people to be Liberated from unjust structures, whether from within or from outside. In the light of this understanding, the paper seeks to draw a link between the sociopolitical atmosphere of Jesus' time and 21 st century Nigeria. The argument advanced is that the solutions that Jesus recommended for a better Israel will effectively suit present day Nigerian society. It seems obvious that the present political, social, economic and religious ills of Nigeria are similar to those of Jesus time despite the time gap. What link has Jesus of Nazareth with Nigeria? What does his teaching on. the ideal state portend for 21 st century Nigeria? The paper explores these Important concerns, using historical and analytical methods. The paper concludes with suggestions tor a better Nigeria.