A 2- Dimensional Gabor-Filters for Face Recognition System: A Survey

Aro, Taye Oladele ; Oluwade, Bamidele A ; Abikoye, Oluwakemi Christiana ; Bajeh, Amos Orenyi (2017)


An efficient recognition algorithm for human face is a technique discovered to be based on good facial feature representation. A two-dimensional Gabor represents a group of wavelets which capture optimally frequency information and local orientation from a digital image. Gabor filters have been employed greatly and highly considered to be one of the best performing techniques for feature extraction in face recognition owing to its invariant against local distortion initiated by changes in expression, lighting and pose. This paper discusses some reviews on 2-Dimensional Gabor-based facial recognition techniques. The huge feature dimensionality problem associated with Gabor feature is stated and several techniques to reduce this problem are suggested.