University Sport, Spirituality and Social Development in Nigeria

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Kwara State University, Malete: Department of Religions, History and Heritage Studies.


It is near impossibility to discuss humanity without adequate recourse to sport. In the same vein, it is becoming difficult to separate spirituality from sport. Several research efforts have shown that sport has become a kind of religion to some people because of its rallying power and the ability to unite people from different cultural and religious backgrounds. Thereby fostering societal peace and cohesion, especially in the face of pluralistic characterization of several societies, sport has severally succeeded even where religion could not. We have also seen the ugly sides of sport, particularly among rival fans. This work, therefore, set out to examine the place of sport and spirituality in selected Nigerian universities and how that can impact humanity. The methodology adopted in this work is historical, comparative, survey, and analytical approaches. It was observed that sport is an anticipated channel of climbing social ladders among several students which serves as a source of hope for many of them, especially those from a rather humble and poor background. It was also discovered that, sport holds the answer to the much needed unity and friendliness among students on campuses. This prima place of sport in human existence makes it very necessary to accord adequate priority to the study of sport and spirituality in curriculum, as it promotes humanity and develops the society.



University Sports,, humanity,, spirituality,, social development,, Empowerment,, Hope