Graphological & Phonological Foregrounding in Tunde Olunsile's Fingermarks

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The Linguistics Association of Nigeria


The study of authorial style has been a crucial approach to' appraisals. Series research essays and publications abound on the analysis of style at different levels of language. The goal of any stylistic study should be to offer a scientific declaration about the distinctive features of a given user, genre or epoch of language. Such declarations are only valid if tested positive for their precision in relation to the communicative intention of the language user and the desired impact at the receiving end. Therefore, this essay focuses on the rudimentary levels of language on which empirical and linguistic investigations could be coducted. It starts by giving an overview of graphology and phonology as the music levels of analyzing both written and spoken forms of a language. The functional implications of these tools of achieving foregrounding in Olusunle's fingermarks marks as a collection of contemporary Nigerian poems are equally given. This in a way, seeks to show the significance of systemic interaction of the rudimentary substance in achieving a functional decomposition and interpretation of grapholological and phonological patterns in the text.



Olusunle's fingermarks, grapholological, genre, epoch