Motivational factors and adult learners’ participation in literacy education in Ondo state, Nigeria

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Department of Publishing Web Development, University of Education, Winneba.


The study was on the relationship between motivational factors and adult learners' participation in literacy education programmes. The sample for this study comprised 120 adult learners. The study adopted the multi stage sampling procedure comprising the purposive, stratified and proportional sampling techniques. The instrument used was Motivation Adult Learners' Inventory with reliability (MALPI, r = 0.83). Four hypotheses were tested at 0.05 level of significance. It was shown found that there was statistically significant relationship between higher earning as an economic motivational factor and adult participation in literacy education, (ro = 0.722, p<0.05). There was a significant relationship between ability to secure a job as an economic factor and adult participation in literacy education. (r (118) = 0.694, p<0.05); there was no statistically significant relationship between enrichment and adult participation in literacy education. (r oi8) = 0.073, p>0.05) and there was a statistically significant relationship between empowerment and adult participation in literacy education. (r (018) = 0.578, p<0.05). Based on the findings and conclusion of this study, it is recommended that stakeholders in education should encourage more adult participation in literacy education because this will enhance the achievement of sustainable development goals in Ondo State, Nigeria.


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Adult learners, literacy education, participation and sustainability