Acquisition of Current and Vibration Data for Rewound Burnt Three-Phase Induction Motor


Induction motors are used in the industries for various applications because they are reliable and rugged. However, late detection of faults and inappropriate maintenance of the machine often leads to damage of the windings which results in production losses and outright replacement. This study presents the use of a data acquisition system (DAS) to acquire current and vibration data of re-designed and re-wound burnt three-phase induction motor for the purpose of the motor faults analysis. The designed number of turns per pole per phase is 253 turns which were distributed in four slots per phase at 64, 63, 63 and 63 turns respectively. The DAS developed was used to acquire the current and vibration data at both normal and fault conditions through tapings prepared for the purpose. The average value of normal current data in the red, yellow and blue phases from the sampled data are 3.4 A, 3.1 A and 2.7A respectively. The average currents during short circuit between phase A and phase B are 11.3 A and 12.2 A respectively while vibration fault data stands at 1.62. Also, for the inter-turn short circuit in phase A, the average value of the currents in the phases are 12.1A, 3.1A and 2.7A respectively. The Mean Square Error value of the acquired and measured data is 0.00002.



three-phase induction motor, data acquisition system, stator winding design, microcontroller


Abdullateef, A. I., Fagbolagun, O. S., & Sanusi, M. F. (2019): Acquisition of Current and Vibration Data for Rewound Burnt Three-Phase Induction Motor. Journal of Applied Science & Environmental Management, 23(12), 2177–2183, Published by University of Port Harcourt. Available online at