An Overview of Pre and Post of accounting Information Systems Using IEG11 & AICPA uideline

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Department of Accounting, College of Management Sciences, Afe Babalola University, Ado Ekiti, Nigeria


The internet and online plays vital roles in the business world, hence the need for accounting information system to be accurate and reliable for efficient and effective smooth running and profitability must ensue. Accounting career must not lack in fulfilling the requirements stipulated by IFAC and IEG 11. Thus, this study discusses on the overview of pre and post accounting information system in an accounting curriculum using guidelines of American Institute of Certified Public accountant (AICPA) International Education Guideline 11 (IEG 11), International Federation of Accountant (IFAC)) and International Communication Technology (ICT).



Accounting information Systems, AICPA, IEG 11, IFAC, ICT


Babatunde, D. A., Adewale, A-A., Popoola, M. J., Salman, R. T., Afolabi, B. (2016). An Overview of Pre and Post of Accounting Information System: Using IEG II and AICPA Guideline. International Journal of Accounting, Finance and Management, 1(1), 1 Publication of Department of Accounting, Finance & Management, Afebabalola University, Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria.1(1), 1-6