Lighting Utilization in the Nigerian Home Video

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Ahmadu Bello University Zaria Press


Lighting is a vital part of the key ingredients needed to bring to life the dream of the writer and the producer of a film. When creatively used along with the other elements of film production, a feeling of reality is often established. This indeed is an important index of the modern film industry. In the Nigerian film industry, however, the technical handling of lighting, to a large extent, presents obvious ineffective approaches. It is for this reasons that this essay discusses the quality of utilization and effectiveness of lighting in three Nigeria home videos as an evaluative process of the technical efficiency oi the Home video industry in Nigeria. The descriptive and analytical research methods are deployed in the technical examination of the four Nigerian Home Videos. The essay, amongst others discovers that the technical efficiency of the Nigerian Home Video industry is suspect, with grossly under equipped resource base, and that the industry is still saturated with non-professionals, especially in the area of lighting. Suggestions and recommendations are proffered for the improvement of film lighting in the Nigerian Home Video industry.