Made - in - China versus Made – in - Aba Goods: Dissecting the Implications for the Nigerian Economy

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Dustinma Historical Review: A Publication of the Department of History and Strategic Studies Federal University Dutsinma Katsina State


This paper juxtaposes made-in-China and made-in-Aba goods with a view to illuminating the nature and substance of products from both countries. The paper underscores the importance of Made-in-Aba goods and analyzes the factors militating against the growth of Aba manufacturing industry. The study adopts a descriptive, historical and analytical methodology and data were gathered using primary and secondary sources. Findings reveal that the inability of Nigeria to develop an industrial based, diversified and export oriented economy has made the country susceptible to influx of foreign goods which has in turn hampered the growth of Aba made products. The conclusion derived from available evidence shows that made in Aba goods has the prospects of competing favourably in the international market if the government harnesses the manufacturing potentials that emerges from Aba, the commercial city of Abia state. The paper suggests that for Nigeria to achieve a robust, self-sufficient and export oriented economy, the Nigerian government must encourage the production and consumption of locally made goods. Also, all the regulatory agencies that are saddled with the responsibility of monitoring the quality and value of goods coming into the country should ensure that quality is not compromised and they should also ensure that they block all the loopholes through which illegal goods are been smuggled into the country



Industrialization, Manufacturing, Trade, Dependency, Liberalization, Capitalist