From Industrial Complex to Film Village: The Example of Tate and Lyle Industry Limited, Morin, 1962-2005

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Department of religion and Philosopy


Industrialisation is seen globally as one of the ways to make life meaningful for the citizenry of any country. Therefore, the Federal Government, after Independence in I960, decided to embark on massive industrial Establish ents across the country. Subsequently in 1962. the areas that later became Kwara State was not left out of the industrialization drive as a result of the availability of human and mineral resources. This led to the establishment Tate and Lyle Industry which contributed tremendously to the development of the state. However, by the mid 90s, the industry due to many factor declined and the factory was shot for years. Instead of the civilian administration that took over in 1999 to resuscitate the industry, the administration of Bukola Saraki recommended that the industry be converted to film village by the state university located at Malete. The economic activity of this industry at the hails of its operation is our concern in this exercise.



Industrialisation, Film Village, Tate and Lyle, Kwara State, Mineral Resources