The Need for Musical Literacy in Nigeria.

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Reading Association of Nigeria.


Music education in traditional Nigerian Societies is oral-based.Music lessons are given by word of mouth and through practical demonstration. As a result of the advent of western education and civilization however, much of our traditional musical practices are fast loosing their pride of place. This paper examines the need to integrate the teaching of music in Nigeria within the general scope of contemporary educational system. It also examines the problems inherent in the training of musicians in Africa with particular reference to the Nigerian situation. It also focus on the need to transcribe and notate traditional musical compositions with a view to encouraging musical literacy. A high level of musical literacy is not only germane to a proper understanding of the structure and forms of traditional music, it is also vital to the documentation and preservation of traditional music. It ends by suggesting ways in which musical activities can be used to educate the individual mind and the society at large.




Literacy and Reading in Nigeria, Volume 7, 233 – 240,