Geo-electrical Exploration for Ground-water in Ajelanwa, Owa Otun and Ogga Communities in the Middle-Belt region of Nigeria.

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Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics


Schlumberger Vertical Electrical Soundings (VES) for groundwater exploration in Ajelanwa and Owa Otun Communities in Kwara State and Ogga in Kogi State, in the Basement Complex terrain of the Middle-Belt Region of Nigeria were carried out with a view to establishing the different subsurface geoelectric layers and the aquifer units. Data were collected from 4, 5 and 5 VES stations at Ajelanwa, Owa Otun and Ogga Communities respectively. From the quantitative interpretations of the data collected, using the usual method of curve matching with the Orellana-Mooney Master curves and 1-D forward modeling with WinResist 1.0 version software, up to four lithologic units were identified in these Communities. These include: the topsoil, the weathered layer, the partly weathered/fractured basement and the fresh basement. The weathered layer and the partly weathered/fractured basement constitute the main aquifer units. The depth to bedrock at the chosen VES locations vary from 6 to 30 m at Ajelanwa Community while at Owa Otun and Ogga Communities, it vary from 7 to 13 m and 25 to > 60 m respectively along the chosen traverses. The geoelectrical interpretations of data obtained in these areas have permitted the delineation of some lobes or areas of low resistivity which constitute the prospective zones for water exploration in these areas.



Aquifer, Basement, Lithologic unit, Geoelectric, Lobe