Validation and Comparative Study of Measured and Predicted Pathloss of Some GSM Networks in Sub-Urban Area

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National Association of Mathematical Physics


This research work presents pathloss through Kwara State Polytechnic permanent site, Ilorin. The study area is between latitude 08 32' 37.6" and 08 34' 27.9", longitude 04 38' 07.4" and 04 38' 17.3". The elevation of the two reference points were 350 and 364 m respectively. The signal strength of MTN, GLO, AIRTEL and ETISALAT networks were measured with TECNOD3 Android mobile receiver from base transceiver station (BTS) at intervals of 100 m. The linear distance covered from the array of cell sites was 3100 m. The signal strength data obtained were used with appropriate equation to determine the pathloss in the study area. The pathloss obtained were compared with the pathloss computed from COST-231 HATA and LEAST SQUARE models for suburban area where the measurement were taken. The results proved that the predicted and measured pathloss were intertwine and close to each other and the values obtained showed that the people living around the study area are suffering from poor gsm communication system. This paper is recommended for radio Engineers and gsm telecommunication company for effective planning.