Migration and the challenges of manpower development in Nigeria

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Department of Political Science and International Relations, Kwararafa University Wukari, Taraba State, Nigeria


Migration is as old as the time man became conscious of his immediate environment and the need to better hís living conditions. It is a global concern in recent times because of the number of people involved and its attendant implications for manpower development in developing countries and Nigeria in particular. The main objective of this paper is to examine how migration has posed a serious challenge to manpower development in Nigeria. For various reasons ranging from poverty, unemployment, conflict, to greed and lack contentment, a lot Nigerans have migrated to other countries in search greener pastures. Since the Study is exploratory in nature, the research methodology adopted is the documentary method. The work was anchored on institutional theory. The study found out that migration issues between Nigeria and some other countries had resulted to loss of skilled and unskilled manpower to other countries, especially in the sphere of education and health. The paper concluded that international migration would continue to take place for as long as humans have needs that have to be met. The paper recommended that Nigeria as a developing country should promote sound economic development policy which would in turn discourage outflow of its citizens.


Migration and the challenges of manpower development in Nigeria


Migration, Manpower, Country, Development