Chemical and microbial analysis of different brands of Ibuprofen solid dosage formulations sold in Ilorin

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West African College of Pharmacy, Nigeria


Background: Fake and substandard drugs have embarrassed healthcare providers and eroded the confidence of the public on healthcare delivery system. They have led to therapeutic failure, adverse effects and microbial resistance to drugs. Therefore, there is the need to routinely determine the quality of drugs in the market to ascertain that they are stable, efficacious and safe for consumption. Objective: This work was aimed at carrying out chemical and microbiological analysis on thirteen brands of Ibuprofen solid dosage formulations sold across licensed Pharmacies in Ilorin, Kwara state and comparing results with brand used as standard using t-test analysis. Methods: Chemical analysis was done using titrimetric method as described by International Pharmacopeia to determine the percentage contents of the active components of the various samples of Ibuprofen solid formulations. Microbiological analysis was done using pour plate method to determine bacteria and fungi counts of samples. Analysis was done using Statistical Packagefor Social Science (SPSS) computer software and p values less or equal 0.05 were considered statistically significant .Results: The percentage content of Ibuprofen in two of the brands were below specification as stated in British Pharmacopeia and United States Pharmacopeia. These two brands were foreign brands. One of these two brands failed the microbiological analysis in addition. Sample t-test analysis showed that all but one of the test samples varied significantly (p 0.05) in terms of percentage content of Ibuprofen from sample used as standard. Conclusion: Generally, majority of the various brands of Ibuprofen samples examined complied with official standards.



Ibuprofen, Chemical analysis, Microbiological analysis, Ilorin, Fake/Substandard drugs