Appraising the Taxation Issues in Ijarah (Islamic Leasing)

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 Due to the peculiar nature of Islamic finance as against conventional finance system, the application of the common law based Nigerian tax regulation on most of them seems always weeps up various clogs in the effort to tax them. Analysis and discussion of some of the issues in the taxation of Ijarah (Islamic leasing) an aspect of Islamic finance product constitute the main gist of this paper. The applicable sections of the Nigerian tax law that could be used to tax Ijarah are extracted; their content analysed in order to test the aptness of using them in taxing Ijarah. The paper in the final analysis recommends for the expansion of the regulatory regimes to accommodate Ijarah leasing, this according to the paper will aid the taxability of Ijarah under the Nigerian Tax Law.



Taxation, Nigerian Law, Ijarah