Music in Olu Obafemi’s plays.

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Centre for Black and African Arts Civilization (CBAAC)


This essay discusses Olu Obafemi's use of music in his plays with particular reference to five of his plays namely: Naira Has No Gender (1993), Pestle on the Mortar (1999), "Nights of a Mystical Beast", "The New Dawn" and "Suicide Syndrome" (In the Collected Plays of Olu Obafemi, 1993). An attempt is made to classify Olu Obafemi's use of music based on the text, tune and the points at which music is used in his plays. The functions played by music in the aforementioned plays are also discussed. Some characteristic features of the kind of music used in the chosen plays for discussion are contextualized. This essay concludes with some suggestions towards a more effective use of music in plays arising from Olu Obafemi's method of the use of music



Use of Music, Plays, Olu Obafemi,


Larger than his frame: Critical Studies and Reflections on Olu Obafemi. Duro Oni and Sunday Ododo (eds.) 186 – 196.