Preliminary phytochemical screening and Antioxidant Property of Leaf and twig Extracts of Turraea Vogelii Hook. f. ex. Benth (Meliaceae)

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Journal of pharmaceutical research, development and practice, University of Ilorin


This study investigated the phytochemical constituents by screening the pulverized plant material and the antioxidant potential of the extract of the leaves and twigs of Turraea vogelii. The crude powdered leaves and twigs of the plant were subjected to preliminary phytochemical screening using standard procedures. The ethyl acetate extract of the leaves and twigs as well as the methanolic extract of the twigs were subjected to antioxidant activity studies using 1, 1- diphenyl-2-picryl hydrazyl (DPPH) assay, catalase activity assay as well as lipid peroxidation activity. The result of phytochemical screening of the crude powdered leaves and twigs of Turraea vogelii revealed the presence of tannins, flavonoids, saponins, reducing sugars and alkaloid in the leaves while the twigs contained tannins, flavonoids, saponins, reducing sugars and steroids. The results of the DPPH Radical Scavenging activity studies revealed that ethyl acetate fraction of Turraea vogelii twigs has an IC50 of 444μg/ml which was closest to the activity of the reference measured at 409μg/ml. The ethyl acetate fraction of the twigs showed the most promising lipid peroxidation inhibition activity with an MDA concentration of 9.595mMol/g FW when compared with the standard. The catalase enzyme concentration responsible for the mop up of hydrogen peroxide per minute was highest in the methanol extract of twigs at 0.038mMolmin-1g-1. The implication of this study suggests that the twigs of Turraea vogelii has note-worthy phytochemical principles and also has a good natural antioxidant source that may be indicated in the treatment and management of diseases associated with oxidative stress.



antioxidant, Turraea vogelii, Free Radicals