Assessment of Available Basic Technology Instructional Resources and their Frequency of use by Basic Schools Teachers in Ilorin, Nigeria

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Alexander von Humboldt, Jean-Paul Strasse 12, D 53173, Bonn-Bad Godesberg, Bonn, Germany


This work focused on assessment of instructional resources for teaching basic technology in upper basic schools in Ilorin, Nigeria. Basic technology resources available checklist of the NERDC (2007) was employed for the available instructional resources while all 91 basic technology teachers in the 109 public upper basic schools in Ilorin Nigeria responded to the frequency of use. Three research questions were answered using frequency counts, means and percentages and the hypothesis was tested using t-test. Finding showed that 3,280 (45.02%) instructional resources were available. 4006 (54.98%) were not available while, 1,340 (40.85%) were frequently used, 548 (16.71%) were seldom used, while 1,392 (42.44%) were not used. the hypothesis testing indicated significant difference that qualified tearchers utilised the available instructional resources than unqualified teachers. It is recommended that; curriculum planners and policy markers should make provisions for specific instructional resources needed in schools, seminars and workshops should be organised for teachers on how to use instructional resources in school; government officials and agencies should access the quality and quantity of instructional resources that are provided in schools



Basic Technology, Instructional Resources, Frequency of Use, Teachers in Ilorin, Nigeria, Qualification of Teachers