Causes, Effects adn the Spike in Crime Tendency of Covid-19 Pandemic: The Spiritual Therapy of Islamic Law as Antidote

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Kwara State University, Malete, University of Ilorin, Al-Hikamh University and Nigerian Bar Association, Ilorin Branch


 Covid-19 has been identified as a pandemic. It has been so declared since March, 2020. From the time it was first found in Wuhan, China, in November, 2019, the said Covid-19 pandemic otherwise called Corona virus has dealt a devastating blow to a number of citizens of various countries across the globe, including Nigeria. The lockdown option, which was resorted to as a mini measure during the severe period of attack did bring about a halt in socio-economic activities, movement restrictions and imposition of curfew. The fallout of the lockdown has however brought about sudden rise in the rate of insecurity and crime related activities in various neighbourhoods and societies. In this treatise, Covid-19 is viewed as a pandemic which is seen as a divine infliction of adversity on human race in consequence of their missteps. The tripartite typology of these missteps for which man becomes befallen by divine calamity is in this work discussed. The daily effects of Covid-19 on human life and the Islamic law styled way out are also analyzed. The arm-chair (doctrinal) methodology of writing is employed in this work as same seems most appropriate in the circumstance, given the nature of the treatise as analytical in focus. The overall benefit accruable to mankind from heeding the recommendations in this work is attainment of a society clean from woes of severe pandemics like Covid-19.



Islamic Law, Pandemics, Lockdown, Covid-19