Intersection of Popular Culture and Nigerian Gospel Music

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Taylor and Francis


Music does not exist in vacuum. Rather it influences and is influenced by a variety of factors within its socio-political and geographical context. As an element of culture, music connects people among whom it evolves. Music derives strength from the culture that regulates its emergence, performance, patronage and continuity. The Nigerian gospel musicians and the popular musicians operate within the same Trans cultural field and are therefore both affected and influenced by the same realities of existence. These two equally influence each other in some ways that become manifested in their arts, acts and activities. The impact of popular culture on musical activities including gospel music can therefore not be ignored. This paper therefore relying on cultural-hermeneutical, content analysis and discographical methods examines the intersections of popular culture and the Nigerian gospel music with particular reference to areas of influence on each other. It is the conclusion of this paper that the impact of popular culture of gospel music is evident in the use of media, the execution of gospel music as an art form greatly influenced by secular art especially music and fashion, and the socio-political and economic realities of the society.



Nigerian gospel music; Popular culture; Performance;


Culture and Development in Africa and the Diaspora (1st ed.).Abdussallam, A.S., Aderibigbe, I., Babatunde, S.T., and Akidipe, O. (Eds.).