Legal Response to Human Rights Challenges of Multinational Corporations in Nigeria

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Department of International Law & Jurisprudence, Law Faculty, Nnamdi Azikiwe University


Abstract The duty to protect human rights is no longer the sole duty of states but also that of other parties like the multinational corporations, companies and business enterprises which are all part of the private sector. This is because it has been observed that this sector, particularly multinational corporations also violate human rights as their operations have an effect whether positive or negative on the rights of a group of people which includes employees, customers and communities in which they operate. Hence, the subject matter of business and human rights is a trending issue at the international level. This paper discusses the problems posed by the private sector, specifically the multinationals, and how they violate human rights in Nigeria vis-a-vis the response by the government. The paper finds that the response is poor and the consequence is the increase in violation of human rights in the country. The study recommends that actions be taken to strengthen the laws and develop measures that directly relate to business and human rights. Having examined what is obtainable in other jurisdictions like South Africa and Australia, the study equally recommends that the government follow in their good footsteps.



Business, Human rights, Multinational Corporations, Business enterprise


Journal of International Law and Jurisprudence