Body Scarification Under the Child Right Act and Shari'ah: Between Cultural Weight and Contemporary Reality

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Islamic University in Uganda


Prohibition of Tattoo and Skin marks are certainly provided for under the Child's Right Act (CRA) 2003 and the Shari'ah. Notwithstanding the available provisions, scarification, Tattoos and skin marks are still rampart among tribes. Scarification. tattoos and skin marks are influenced by superstition or traditional conviction. This research argues that scarification, tattoos and Skin marks have health implications for the children and also amount to child abuse and degrading treatment. Therefore. this paper examines the position of Child Right Act and Shari'ah on scarification, Tattoos and Skin marks. The research is carried out through doctrinal method by considering various enactments and Shari'ah provisions on scarification, tattoos and skin marks. The research found that scarification, tattoos and skin marks are prohibited under the Nigeria laws as they are considered as abuse children.



Scarification, Shari'ah Cultural Weight, Contemporary Reality