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  • Development of Abrasive Sandpaper Grains from Agro-Waste Material for Polishing of Wood Surface. 

    6. Ibrahim, H. K.,; Abdulhamid, A.S.,; Abdulkareem, S.,; Shuaib-Babata, Y. L.,; Popoola, O. T.,; Kareem, A.G.,; Adeyi, A. M.,; Busari, Y. O.,; Ambali, I. O. (Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Adeleke University, Ede, Osun State Nigeria, 2019-06-13)
    In Nigeria, natural and some synthetic abrasive grains used in manufacturing of sandpaper such as silicon carbide, aluminum oxide and aluminum silicate mineral are scarce and expensive. The aim of this paper focused on ...