Characterization of Ceiba petandra and Lannea kerstingii Stem Bark Extract Creams

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Journal of Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences (Islamic Azad University Tehran Iran, Pharmaceutical Sciences Branch)


Aim: Formulation of extracts of Ceiba petandra and Lannea kerstingii into creams. Methodology: The stem barks of Ceiba petandra and Lannea kerstingii were extracted using methanol and ethyl acetate respectively. The obtained extracts and their combinations were formulated into creams using modified Aqueous Cream BP base at concentrations ranging from 0.4 to 3.2% w/w. Physical and chemical characteristics of the creams such as stability, viscosity, pH, diffusion, irritancy and elegancy were evaluated. Ketoconazole cream was used as the reference product. Results: Creams prepared with each extract alone exhibited good characteristics in terms of spreadability, non-irritancy, stability and diffusivity. Creams formulated with Ceiba petandra were most stable, with pH ranges of 6.21 to 7.13. Those formulated with Lannea kerstingi were more acidic. Creams formulated with the combinations of the two extracts exhibited some levels of incompatibility, which increased with increasing extract concentrations. The rate of diffusion of extracts from cream base increased with time and was generally more at 37 °C as compared to that at 25 °C. Conclusion: Cream formulations of the stem bark extracts of Ceiba petandra and Lannea kerstingii but not their combinations using Aqueous Cream Base (BP) possesses good characteristics.



Ceiba petandra, Lannea kerstingii, stem bark extract, Creams, Characterization.