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  • E ciency of bayesian heteroscedastic linear model 

    Oloyede, Isiaka; Ipinyomi, R.A; Iyaniwura, J.O. (Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis EJASA, Electron. J. App. Stat. Anal., 2014)
    In order to investigate the asymptotic e ciency of estimators under two di erent simulation techniques, normal-normal double sided Heteroscedas- tic error structure was adopted. We explored Direct Monte Carlo method of ...
  • E-Attendance System using Waterfall Software Development Life Cycle Simulation 

    BELLO, Ridwan O.; OLUGBEBI, Muyiwa; BABATUNDE, Abdulrauph O.; BELLO, Bashir O.; BELLO, Shakirat I. (University of Oradea, Oradea, Romania, 2017-10)
    This study provides a unique insight to computerization of attendance registration system with the exploitation of Waterfall Software Development Life Cycle technology. The development of this software originated from ...
  • E-Governance and E-Personnel Management in Developing Countries Public Sector 

    Oyedele, Samuel; Aluko, Opeyemi (Faculty of Social and Management Sciences, Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo, 2018)
    Governance and personnel management all over the world is not an easy task. In recent times, this is made easier by new technologies such as e-governance and e-personnel management. Accountability, credibility, effectiveness ...

    Bello, Mohammed L.; Ishola, Abdulrasaq A.; Abdulkareem, Abdulrazaq K.; Abubakar, Umar Y. (Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, 2020)
    The innovation in ICTs and the resulting emergence of the internet were strong drivers for shifting to an information era from the industrial age. In this movement, nations found succour in using information technologies ...
  • E-government in Nigeria: Progress and Prospects 

    Abdulkareem, Abdulrazaq Kayode; Ishola, Abdulrasaq Ajadi (Department of Public Administration, University of Ilorin, 2016-12-01)
    In the early 2000s, the federal government of Nigeria announced the initiative of the government to go digital to enhance the operation of the government in providing public services in a transparent, effective and ...
  • E-Library and Information Services for the Transformation of Tertiary Education in Nigeria 

    ISSA, A. 0.; AMUSAN, B.B.; OLARONGBE, S.A.; AKANGBE, FLB. (2011)

  • E-Library in Education and Learning 

    Fajonyomi, Oluwafemi Joseph (University of Maiduguri Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Unit, 2011)
  • Ear Disease in the Elderly Hospital Patients in Nigeria. 

    Ologe, F.E.,; Segun-Busari, S.,; Abdulraheem, I.S.,; Afolabi, O.A. (Published by Gerontological Society of America by C.C. Thomas, Washington DC., 2006)
    Background. Little information is available about the pattern of ear diseases in the elderly population. Therefore, the present study aims to determine the pattern of ear diseases among elderly Nigerians, so as to provide ...
  • Early coefficients of close-to-star functions of type alpha 

    Babalola, Kunle Oladeji; Olasupo, A. O.; Ejieji, C. N. (Nigerian Mathematical Society, 2012)
    We obtain sharp bounds on the early coefficients of certain close-to-star analytic functions of type α in the unit disk E ={z∈ C:|z|<1}
  • Early sexual debut: prevalence and risk factors among secondary school students in Ido-ekiti, Ekiti state, South-West Nigeria. 

    Durowade, K A.; Babatunde, O.A.; Omokanye, Lukman O.; Elegbede, O.E.; Ayodele, L.M.; Adewoye, K.R.; Adetokunbo, S.; Olomofe, C.O.; Fawole, A.A.; Adebola, O.E.; Olaniyan, T.O. (College of Medicine, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda, 2017)
    Background: Early adolescent sexual activity remains a recurring problem with negative psychosocial and health outcomes. The age at sexual debut varies from place to place and among different individuals and is associated ...
  • Earnings impact on dividend payout decisions on the Nigerian stock exchange 

    Abdulkadir, Rihanat Idowu; Salman, Ramat Titilayo (Faculty of Management Sciences, Ladoke Akintola University, Ogbomosho, 2014)
    The argument that the link between earnings and dividend has weakened stimulates the interest to re-examine the relationship. Based on a sample of 774 firm-year observations drawn from 126 non-financial firms listed on ...
  • Earnings Predictability of Quoted Firms in Nigeria. 

    Olaniyi, T. A.; Abogun, S.; Salam, M. O. (Centre for Research on Islamic Banking and Finance and Business, USA, 202)
    The inability of investors to predict future earnings of firms expose them to further risk such that potential investors may be scared away while existing ones may be prompted to withdraw their investment. Thus, it becomes ...
  • Earth in the Poetry of Niyi Osundare 

    Afolayan, Kayode Niyi (Centre for Black and African Arts and Civilization (CBAAC), Lagos, 2012)
    The quest to make the world a better place to live in has always been the common concern of all disciplines. However, despite the plethora of efforts which focus on man’s survival in his environment, the currency of ...
  • Earth System Governance in Africa: knowledge and capacity needs. 

    Habtezion, S.; Adelekan, I.; Aiyede, E.; Frank, Biermann; M. Fubara; C. Gordon; K. Gyekye; E. Kasimbazi; R. Kibugi; E. Lawson; A. Mensah; Chipo Mubaya; Felix Olorunfemi; Alexander Paterson; Debay Tadesse; Raheem, U.A.,; Ruben Zondervan (Elsevier B.V, 2015)
  • Echoes of Matriarchy: Patriarchy as Negative Contestants in Selected Nigerian Literature 

    Binta, Ibrahim (Kraft Books Limited University of Ibadan, Post-office Ibadan., 2015)
    This study, using the sociological framework, examines the theories of matriarchy and patriarchy as treated in the Novels of Akachi Ileokunawa. Part of the findings of the study on gender literature is the functional and ...

    Rhoda Mojisola, Olanrewaju; Adeleke, E.A.; Akpan, P. (STAMFORD LAKE (PVT) LTD., 2017)
  • Econometric Analysis of the Effects of Land Size on Cereals Production in Nigeria 

    Akanni, Saheed B; Garba, Mohammed; Banjoko, Alabi; Afolayan, Razaq (Islamic University Multidisciplinary Journal, 2020)
    This study employed the techniques of unrestricted VAR to model and analyzed the causal effects of Land used for Cereals Production (LP) on Cereals Production (CP) in Nigeria for the period of 50 years (1966 to 2016). ...

    Akinsola, G.O.; Adewumi, M.O.; Falola, A.; Ojediran, E; Jimoh, A. (Journal of Agribusiness and Rural Development, Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Przyrodniczego w Poznaniu, 2020)
    Artificial insemination (AI) in poultry production is a veritable technique in solving the problem of breeding and meeting the increasing demand. This study assesses the economics of artificial insemination in broiler ...
  • Economic analysis of cocoyam production in Osun State, Nigeria 

    Falola, A.; Fakayode, S. B.; Banjoko, I. K. (Department of Economics, University of Ilorin, Nigeria, 2015)
    The quest to achieve food security and at the same time make production of underutilised species a profitable venture necessitated the focus of this study. Among other objectives, the study determined the profitability of ...