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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Financial Innovation and Sustainable Development in Nigerian Financial SystemSalman, Ramat Titilayo; Etudaiye-Muhtar, O. F
2015Total quality management and customers satisfaction in selected service industries in Ilorin, Nigerian.Nassar, M. L; Yahaya, K. A; Shorun, C. Y
2016Informal Arabic Education and Sustainable Development in Ilorin, Nigeria: A Historical StudyIbraheem, Lateef Onireti; Zubair, Abdulhakeem
2018Knowledge Management and 21st Century Libraries as Panacea For Sustainable DevelopmentTella, A.; Ajibola, T. S.; Akanbi, M. L.; Bashorun, M.T.; Adelodun, M.; Ogunlade, O. R.
2016Appropriate Multicultural Language Teaching-Learning Materials for Sustainable Development: An analysis of Longman's "Nigeria Primary English" textbooksOlajide, Stephen Billy
2011Managing Nigeria's Niger Delta crisis under democratic rule: An assessment of the utility of military engagementSaka, Luqman
2016-05-11Adapting to climate change flooding impacts- A guide for achieving sustainable Built Environment in NigeriaBello, Nurudeen Akinsola; Adepoju, Adetoye Sulaiman; Adeogun, Adekunle Sunday
2016Universities sociability in social media era: Towards sustainable education in NigeriaAkintola, Mubarak; Yuusf, Hamdallat; Odutayo, Adesegun
2015RURAL TRANSFORMATION AS A KEY TO SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIABello, Nurudeen Akinsola; Bako, Abdullateef Iyanda; Akinbola, Kazeem Bolayemi
2011Theatre as a mechanism for the prevention and management of Hazard and Disaster for sustainable development in AfricaArinde, Tayo Simeon