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Title: GISTM S4 data from Ilorin
Authors: Oladipo, Olushola Abel
Keywords: S4 index data
Issue Date: 20-Dec-2017
Publisher: Physics Department - Ionospheric and Space Physics Group
Abstract: The GISTM data format from Ilorin, Nigeria The files are monthly files. FileName is of the form 'ilrnmmyyyy' where 'ilrn' is the station code, 'mm' is the month of the year and 'yyyy' is the year. Column data type [1] - Time in UTC [2] - PRN [3] - Az [4] - elevation [5] - CNo. [6] - Lock time [7] - S4 @ L1 [8] - DOY
Description: GISTM Scintillation data
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Files in This Item:
File Description SizeFormat 
Readme.txtReadme file353 BTextView/Open
ilrn082013.datGISTM data40.44 MBTextView/Open
ilrn092013.datGISTM data53.88 MBTextView/Open
ilrn102013.datGISTM data55.67 MBTextView/Open
ilrn112013.datGISTM data53.58 MBTextView/Open
ilrn122013.datGISTM data55.69 MBTextView/Open
ilrn012014.datGISTM data55.82 MBTextView/Open
ilrn022014.datGISTM data49.23 MBTextView/Open
ilrn032014.datGISTM data53.99 MBTextView/Open
ilrn042014.datGISTM data52.33 MBTextView/Open
ilrn052014.datGISTM data52.53 MBTextView/Open
ilrn062014.datGISTM data53.08 MBTextView/Open
ilrn072014.datGISTM data54.82 MBTextView/Open
ilrn082014.datGISTM data53.17 MBTextView/Open
ilrn092014.datGISTM data51.76 MBTextView/Open
ilrn102014.datGISTM data55.1 MBTextView/Open
ilrn112014.datGISTM data52.74 MBTextView/Open
ilrn122014.datGISTM data40 MBTextView/Open
ilrn012015.datGISTM data56.5 MBTextView/Open
ilrn022015.datGISTM data48.72 MBTextView/Open
ilrn032015.datGISTM data54.17 MBTextView/Open
ilrn042015.datGISTM data53.01 MBTextView/Open
ilrn052015.datGISTM data55.08 MBTextView/Open
ilrn062015.datGISTM data39.19 MBTextView/Open
ilrn072015.datGISTM data56.34 MBTextView/Open
ilrn082015.datGISTM data56.11 MBTextView/Open
ilrn092015.datGISTM data54.46 MBTextView/Open
ilrn102015.datGISTM data56.33 MBTextView/Open
ilrn112015.datGISTM data52.72 MBTextView/Open
ilrn122015.datGISTM data56.08 MBTextView/Open
ilrn012016.datGISTM data54.23 MBTextView/Open
ilrn022016.datGISTM data50.34 MBTextView/Open
ilrn032016.datGISTM data56.95 MBTextView/Open
ilrn042016.datGISTM data55.85 MBTextView/Open
ilrn052016.datGISTM data57.91 MBTextView/Open
ilrn062016.datGISTM data51.34 MBTextView/Open
ilrn072016.datGISTM data57.87 MBTextView/Open
ilrn082016.datGISTM data57.46 MBTextView/Open
ilrn092016.datGISTM data54.66 MBTextView/Open
ilrn102016.datGISTM data58.38 MBTextView/Open
ilrn112016.datGISTM data56.31 MBTextView/Open
ilrn122016.datGISTM data55.57 MBTextView/Open

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