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Title: Conflict Resolution and Peace Keeping in Africa
Other Titles: IRORO, A Journal of Arts 222-233 Vol. 13, 1& 2,
Authors: ODEH, Lemuel Ekedegwa
Keywords: Conflict, Resolution, Peace-Keeping Africa
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: IRORO, Journal of Arts, Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma
Abstract: Conflict occurs due to a misunderstanding or clash of interest between or amongst Parties, Nations, Groups, Organisations, or Individuals either because they are pursing opposing and incompatible objectives or because of political relevance. There are almost two hundred sovereign states in the globe, and some of these states occasionally wage wars on one another in pursuance of economic advantage and political gain. The African continent is not bereft of this conflictual phenomenon. Thus, conflicts in Africa in recent times are a recurring decimal, much to the distress of the ;people. This interminable conflicts results in extermination of lives, destruction of property and among others. To this end, this paper seeks to posit that conflicts in Africa can be a thing of the past as recognition is bequeathed to conflict resolution mechanism, conflict transformation and conflict management policies and principles, which are recipe for peaceful co-existence paradigms and internalization
ISSN: 0795-4417
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